How do I know my car is covered?

The paint feels silky soft, is water-repellent and shines.

Can I clean my car after it has been treated?

Yes, but this is not necessary because it already has the maximum protection.

I have water stains on my car after rain, how can I remove it?

Water stains are caused by debris that is in the rain. Since the rain water evaporated, and the dirt remains behind in the form of drops. These can simply be removed by simply washing the vehicle, and drying.

I have bird droppings on my vehicle, how do I remove it?

Bird droppings are full of harmful substances to affect your paint, remove it within 72 hours with plenty of water and a soft cloth / sponge.

I've had some damage now.

No problem, contact us, and in most cases the new untreated portions can be re-examined, for a small fee, so that your vehicle is completely protected.

What is the best way to wash my vehicle?

Use plenty of water, car shampoo and a big soft sponge.
Never leave your vehicle in direct sunlight in summer or anywhere where the paint gets warm.
Never leave water or car shampoo to dry the paint.
Always dry the vehicle, with the aid of a chamois or microfiber cloth, after it has been thoroughly rinsed.


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