What does the coating do for your vehicle?


The lacquer is protected from weather influences:

• Acids and minerals in rain and fog.

• Snow, ice.

• Ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

• The coating prevents color fading and oxidation.

Your car is easier to wash. Polishing and wax application is no longer necessary for the security of showroom shine.

The coating prevents dirt from adhering to your paint and damaging it:

• Resin of trees and berries.

• Droppings from birds.


The coating is completely safe for your vehicle.


This coating is currently used by most of the world's largest airlines and is the only coating that has Boeing and Airbus certification.


Why is this the only coating we work with?


• At least 4 years working with warranty.

• 50% less washing of the vehicle.

• The safest product in the world for your precious vehicle.

• Performance tested and used on planes and boats.

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